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Discover wineries, cultural, and natural gems on the Whisper of Wine Route in South & East Serbia, and North-West Bulgaria. 

New travel experience

This travel website is a support platform for the Augmented (AR) app "Whisper of Wine" to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly experience, and detailed information about various travel destinations, including popular tourist spots, historical landmarks, cultural attractions, and natural wonders. This content can serve as a foundation for the AR app's virtual tours, giving users context and background knowledge before they embark on their digital adventures.

The website provides links to interactive maps of each destination with AR Whisper of Wine markers highlighting key points of interest. This gives users an overview of the tour's route and allows them to plan their journey accordingly. The content of the website offers travel tips, local insights, recommendations on nearby restaurants, accommodation, safety guidelines, and travel managers to help users make the most of their digital tours.


Five senses on the road

The AR APP Whisper of Wine aims to activate all five senses on the road for an unforgettable experience of undiscovered and attractive destinations in the cross-border region of Serbia and Bulgaria. AR app provides new, interactive technology in real-time for tourists on the thematic round wine tour proposing digital location mapping of the natural, cultural, historical, industrial, and intangible heritage along the European cultural routes:

-Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route

-Tesla Ways part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage

-Living Lab along Via Militaris Route.  


Technical performance offline

After downloading using Wi-Fi, the Whisper of Wine AR app works offline. This digital solution is solving the shortcomings that will improve the travelers' experience in real-time (i.g. cities, prehistory sites, archaeological sites, fortresses, protected natural sites, industrial heritage sites, wineries, gastronomy, accommodation, restaurants)


User experience

By pointing the phone at the objects or landscapes, travelers will see virtual images within the actual photo (i.g. pop-up typography with information) in the chosen language in real time. They can quickly decide how to explore and what/where to do or go (i.g. visit local attractions, sleep, eat, and try the local wine and food).


Famous landmarks on the route

The most important landmarks on the route are Mediana - the residence of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great; Felix Romuliana -UNESCO World Heritage Site of Serbia; Justiniana Prima or Empress' Town - one of the most important Byzantine cities in the Balkans; Niš Fortress - 3 century of existence in 2023; HE Plants on Tesla Ways Route, Kilim of Pirot - UNESCO Tentative list; Negotinske Pivnice - UNESCO Tentative list; Magura Cave - UNESCO World Heritage Natural Protected Site of Bulgaria; Belogradchik Rocks - UNESCO Tentative List; Baba Vida Fortress and many more.


Tips & Tricks 

In addition to the remarkable cultural objects, wine, and gastronomy you will enjoy on the Whisper of Wine Route, be sure to try Serbian rakia - Šljivovica, a traditional plum spirit on the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Sustainable travel

Using the interactive Whisper of Wine AR app will attract you to extend your stay on the route. Consuming more products leads to a rise in the local community's profit leading to sustainable tourism and green technologies.

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