God's Bridge

God's Bridge is a natural phenomenon in the karst region between the villages of Lilyache and Chiren, about 15 km north of the town of Vratsa. The karst region of Chiren-Lilyache includes many water caves, karst springs, streams, and rivers. Since it was not built by human hands, but rather a work of nature, people called it God's Bridge.

The height of the arch is about 20, and the width - about 25 meters. Along its main axis, the tunnel formed by the small river that runs through is about 100 meters long. During the dry months of the year, the stream below the bridge dries up, leaving several ponds full of frogs, hence its other name, "Frog Stream".

Near the bridge, in the area of the Borovan mound, the remains of an ancient and medieval fortress were found. Since 1964, God's Bridge has been declared a natural landmark of Bulgaria. During summer many concerts are held here. Such a nice idea because the place is magical itself. In the middle of nature, feeling the power of the earth, trees, and birds, and at the same time the energy and the warmth of the audience, is remarkable for every artist.


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