Cerje Cave

One of the longest caves in Serbia, patiently created and skillfully modeled by nature for over two million years, is still an enigma for scientists and explorers of different profiles because they know where it starts but nobody knows where it ends. 

As a natural asset of exceptional importance, in 1998, by the Decree of the Republic of Serbia on the Protection of Natural Monuments, Cerje Cave was classified in the 1st category as a Natural Monument with an area of 63.96 ha. Cerje cave consists of erosive tectonic karst speleological objects located about 14 km from the center of Niš, in the northern regions of Kalafat, near Kamenički Vis hill, in the region of the villages of Cerje and Kravlje.


Visitor Center located right next to the cave 


Guiding service of the complex with provided equipment. Entrance is forbidden without guided service due to life risk.