Guest House Ramonda Serbica

Guest house Ramonda Serbica is located in the village of Sićevo at an altitude of about 400 m. The old country house made in bondruk style offers 3 apartments in a healthy and pleasant staying atmosphere has been completely renovated in accordance with the traditional features but adapted to the needs of modern life.

We are proud of our wine cellar that brings back the spirit of the time from the distant past. Very healthy location with a constant feeling of peace and tranquility is dominant. In the courtyard, it is possible for each guest to have their own privacy corner. The spacious property allows you to walk through the orchards and enjoy the beautiful views of the gorge.

We want you to feel relaxed and forget about all your worries during your time with us. In addition to beautiful lookouts in the natural environment of the Sićevo gorge, healthy air, water, and our authentic wine cellar, we are here to show you the hospitality and way of life in this area.

About 300 m from the guest house, there is a complex of caves Large and Small Balanica -paleoanthropological and archaeological sites. In 2009, a partially preserved jaw of a hominin was discovered in it, which is considered to be proof of the presence
of the Heidelberg man in Europe during the Middle Pleistocene. 
In the neighborhood is the art colony of Nadežda Petrović, the oldest in the Balkans, founded in 1905.

Above the village rises the peak of Višegrad 1040 m
above sea level, which is one of the airfields for paragliding, drawn in the maps of European and world competitions.
The Sićevo gorge is rich in sage which is a protected and edematous species in Serbia. At the end of every May, the manifestation Days of Sage is held.

The famous and protected plant Ramonda Serbica after which our guest house got its name, is known as the phoenix plant. 
The exclusiveness of the phoenix plant secured its place as a national symbol.


3 apartments, Wine cellar museum, Wine tasting room, Small cellar restaurant, Garden, Bar, Smoking are, Non-smoking rooms, Portable outdoor swimming pool, Parking


Accommodation, Wine cellar visit and degustation, wine and food pairing, Home-made food, Air conditioning, Wi/Fi