East Serbia

Winery Jović

About ten kilometers from Knjaževac in the village of Potrkanje and not far from the excavations of the Roman fortress Timacum Minus in the village of Ravna, where it has been irrefutably proven that vines have been grown there since ancient times, is the location of the winery Jović.

Winery Radulović

The Radulović winery is located on a hill in the middle of a beautiful expanse of vineyards, which are bathed in the sun throughout the day. In addition to a large restaurant hall that can accommodate up to 100 guests, they also have beautifully decorated rooms.

Winery Dalia

Dalia Winery is located in the same place as the Winery Raj. The owner of the winery, Kristina, is also the oenologist of the Raj winery. Her wines are also aged in the same cellar. Dalia Winery produces organic grapes with little intervention in wine production.

Winery Raj

Building on the specific wine culture characteristic of the Negotinska Krajina region, the Winery RAJ focuses on the varieties that traditionally grow in this region, primarily Black Tamjanika, White Tamjanika, and Gamay.

Wine cellar Jovonić

Wine Cellar Jovonić is located in Rajac Cellars. A recently restored cellar as well as a tasting room in the original ambiance of the area itself will make you enjoy the quality wines of this cellar.

Winery Monastery Bukovo

The rich history of viticulture and winemaking of our monastery inspired Bishop Justin of Timok to continuously encourage the brotherhood, gathered under his spiritual leadership, to restore and continue this tradition.

Winery Matalj

Matalja Winery grows its vineyards in three vineyards of the Negotin Krajina. The Mihajlovac vineyard, which is characterized by structural soil composed mainly of river deposits of gravel, sand, and clay, creates conditions for optimal ripening and preservation of acidity and freshness of white grape varieties.

Winery Frunza Aglaja

The winery was founded in 2010, with the aim of reviving the famous Negotin tradition in wine production. The new building is located on Bukovo Hill, next to the production area. They have a very nice tasting room, a restaurant, and a terrace with a beautiful view of the vineyards. Their restaurant is suitable for organizing celebrations for smaller and larger groups, (birthdays, weddings, baptisms, and business meetings).

Wine Cellar Sveti Djordje

The wine cellar Sveti Djordje is an authentic wine cellar from 1878 from the famous region of Negotinska Krajina. It is located in the very heart of the Rajac cellars, the wine complex built over the wine village, of sandstone in the mid-19th century.

Winery Mikić

In 2017, Dejan Mikić Winery from Negotinska Krajina, an almost unknown winery, made a big surprise at the famous AWC competition in Vienna by winning gold and three silver medals, including the one for Crna Tamjanika wine.

Wine Cellar Sveti Djordje

The wine cellar Sveti Djordje is an authentic wine cellar from 1878 from the famous region of Negotinska Krajina. It is located in the very heart of the Rajac cellars, the wine complex built over the wine village, of sandstone in the mid-19th century.

South Serbia

Wine cellar Ivanović – the Bacchus Cave

Tasting of wine and rakia aged 20 years or more, traditionally produced and aged in oak barrels. The Bacchus Cave has an old wine cellar from 1861 and a collection of about 2000 bottles over 20 years old.

Winery Stari dani

Wanting to convey the southern temperament in the right way through the wines, where they come from, they grow two vineyards in the south of Serbia. One vineyard is in the area of the village of Rekovac, near the winery in Bujanovac, and the other is in the village of Živkovo, near Leskovac, with a total area of 27 hectares.

Wine Cellar Andrić

After a long-standing tradition of producing domestic products, wine, and brandy, the fourth generation of the Andrić family from Sićevo came to the fore. By renewing the vines and planting new plants in the beautiful locations of the village of Sićevo, surrounded by rocky terrain on all sides, the Andrić Cellar renewed viticulture and planted new vines.

Wine Cellar Kratina

Small family-run winery and its owner Dane is a real lover of wine production. He is dedicated to viticulture and enjoys the daily work and examination of quality wine production.

Winery Toplički vinogradi

The largest and one of the most beautiful wineries in the Balkans, located in the middle of endless 51 hectares of vineyards, where, among others, the autochthonous variety of southern Serbia, Prokupac, is grown, will leave you breathless.

Winery Doja

Winery DOJA is family own winery, located on the beautiful slopes of mountain Jastrebac in the village Donja Jošanica. In the peaceful and natural environment you will have chance to see where we make our premium DOJA wines and have chance to try them, paired with local cheeses and prosciutto, or lunch from local restaurant.

Winery Izba Jovanović

A small family winery near Niš. The winery is producing wine since 2014. On an area of 1.5 hectares, we grow only one variety and are engaged in the production of one label – Merlot. Annual production is 6-8000 bottles of premium wine.

Wine Cellar Malča

The complex covers an area of 2 hectares and contains a winery, a restaurant with a terrace, a large children's playground, and a forest by the river. Wine lovers will be able to experience a unique journey through wine time, from Roman times to the present day, in the over 110-year-old wine cellar.

West Bulgaria

Bononia estate winery

Bononia Estate Winery & Resort a combination of a winery and a resort, offering guests the opportunity to experience wine-related activities while enjoying the comfort and luxury of a resort setting. The history of Bononia Estate is like a journey through the centuries starting as early as the times of the Roman Empire.

Borovitsa Winery

“Borovitza” winery is a special project of two free spirits, who dedicated their lives to wine – Ognyan Tsvetanov and Adriana Srebrinova. Borovitza is an emotional journey – a dream, hard work, duty, aspiration, love and sadness.

Agrofitnes Winery

Todor an inspiring man to whom viticulture and wine are passion, that he has turned into a hobby, but quite a labor-intensive and time-consuming hobby! With the special local humor, nevertheless he named his wine company Agrofitness.

Chatoni Winery

ChaTony wine cellar is located in an area of 1062 m2. It has the capacity to process 500 tons of grapes. It is equipped with the most modern high-tech equipment from foreign and Bulgarian companies.

Lilyache Winery

Located in an old stone building where the owner of the winery is restoring himself in the village of the same name, there is a small boutique winery Lilyache (means lilac flower).

Tipchenitza Winery

Tipchenitza Winery is a small boutique winery in the picturesque village of Tipchenitza, located in the hilly Northwest of Bulgaria. The region boasts centuries-old traditions in quality wine production as well as some of the best grape varieties. In each sip of our wine you can feel the soil, the favorable climate and the craftsmanship of the winemakers.

Dos Alamos Winery

Winery Dos Alamos (translated as The Two Poplars) is a family boutique winery from North-West Bulgaria, a project of two adventurers and kindred spirits, unconditionally in love with wine, who build their dream and passion on the remains of the old winery built at the beginning of the 20th century, which popularized the Gamza red wine in the country and abroad.