Agrofitnes Winery

Todor an inspiring man to whom viticulture and wine are passion, that he has turned into a hobby, but quite a labor-intensive and time-consuming hobby! With the special local humor, nevertheless he named his wine company Agrofitness. 

His main goal is to deal with old Bulgarian, extinct, or disappearing varieties, to research and revive them. He gathered his vineyards in the Glogovo bardo area near Borovtsi, a total of 1.7 hectares, after buying plots from dozens of owners and tried, wherever possible, to recultivate the old vineyards.

The village of Borovtsi, between Montana and Berkovitsa, is the home of Todor Kostadinov. This extraordinary man - a passionate custodian and researcher of the local old vine varieties, as well as a self-taught winemaker who, through persistence and thoroughness inherent in his character, has advanced winemaking significantly, and conducts micro vinification experiments, while the official winemakers are difficult in deciding to afford them.

Fantastic wines are offered by the Agrofitnes winery, especially because they are produced from Bulgarian autochthonous and somewhat forgotten grape varieties. There you can find and try labels produced from vines „Gavranovo oko“ (raven's eye), „Vranac“ (crow), „Zarchin“, „Shasla“ and „Rubin“ (ruby).


Wine tasting room, Disabled access, Parking


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