Winery Izba Jovanović

A small family winery near Niš. The winery is producing wine since 2014. On an area of 1.5 hectares, we grow only one variety and are engaged in the production of one label – Merlot. Annual production is 6-8000 bottles of premium wine. 

"We wanted to make something unique to us, from our land, with our own hands. Something into which winds and rays, emotions and hopes, trust and patience can be woven. And here we are giving you this wine from a windy field, in the hope that you will not drink the whole bottle yourself". - Andrijana and Ivan Jovanović

The terroir of Vele Polje village in the South Morava valley, in the vicinity of which there are also thermal springs whose benefits were used by the Romans, proved to be ideal for growing the Merlot variety, for which the winery Izba Jovanović is recognizable. The 2019 Merlot was awarded a platinum medal at the "Wine Vision" fair by Open Balkan.  

The vineyards are located on two mild elevations in the Velepolje atar, from which a picturesque view of the mountains Jastrebac and Ozren, as well as the Aleksinac basin. Both vineyards are planted under Merlot. The "big" vineyard covers 9600 sq.m and is located at an altitude of 280 meters. The "Sadovi" vineyard covers 4400 sq.m at an altitude of 310 meters, so it has established itself as ideal for Merlot. There is almost no part of the day when there is no wind in. We already select the grapes in the vineyard, so the grapes that come for processing must be of exceptional quality, otherwise, we would violate our philosophy - red wine is primarily made in the vineyard!

Verification and aging
"In our cellar - "izba" we apply traditional methods, such as hand dipping the hook and long maceration. There are several reasons for this, and one of them is that we want to get authentic wine, although we are aware that it is a big challenge. The wine is aged for 18 months in medium and heavily charred wooden barrels of Serbian age, with a volume of 225 liters, while it rests in the bottle for at least six months, when it acquires the quality that we are used to all the time."



Wine tasting room, Garden, Parking


Wine and food pairing, Pet friendly, Free wi/fi