Winery Monastery Bukovo

The rich history of viticulture and winemaking of our monastery inspired Bishop Justin of Timok to continuously encourage the brotherhood, gathered under his spiritual leadership, to restore and continue this tradition.


The tradition of growing vines and producing wine in Negotinska Krajina is inextricably linked to the Bukovo monastery, which, due to its geographical location, extremely favorable climatic conditions, and a special type of monastery, and a special type of monastery has a special type of monastery and a special type of land. lies the viticulture and winemaking of this region.


After the appearance of phylloxera (at the end of the nineteenth century), which dangerously threatened the entire European and even Serbian viticulture, the Bukovo monastery founded the first four-year viticulture school on its property in 1887, which was the first public school for viticulture and fruit growing. The monastery thus became the center of the renewal of viticulture in Negotinska Krajina.


Black Tamjanika is a specific muscat variety, very rare in the world (Serbia, Italy, Portugal) and very difficult to grow, due to problems with flowering, but also a variety that is able to appear at unexpected moments. There are intertwined floral, fruity, and protective tones (rose, raisin, basil, etc.)


Monks are striving to unite tradition and modern technology in the production of wine, with their hard work and dedication, trusting in the grace of God that complements all our human lack in hope of the production of excellent Serbian red wines worthy of this climate.


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