Winery Radulović

The Radulović winery is located on a hill in the middle of a beautiful expanse of vineyards, which are bathed in the sun throughout the day. In addition to a large restaurant hall that can accommodate up to 100 guests, they also have beautifully decorated rooms.


Along with wine tasting, you can enjoy the view of the sunset and the impeccable calm and clean air. This place is a true vacation paradise. The owners of the winery are wonderful and warm-hearted people, who spent their working life in Norway and upon their return started the business of viticulture. Mr. Dragan will give you the adventurous opportunity to ride in a jeep that moves up and down through the vineyard.


Restaurant, Wine tasting room, Bar, Rooms, Garden, M-banking, Parking


Wine tasting, Air conditioning, Free Wi-Fi, Accommodation