Archeo Park Ravna

The archaeo-ethno park is located in Ravno, 8 km north of Knjaževac, in the yard of the old village school. The oldest houses in the village were built at the beginning of the twentieth century, and the school building was built in 1906. The proximity of the ancient fort Timacum Minus influenced the location of the Archaeo-Ethno Park in this village. Construction began in 1977, and the official opening was in 1989.

As part of the Archaeo-Ethno Park in Ravno, right at the entrance to the park, a lapidarium of Roman stone monuments found during the archaeological research of the Timacum Minus fortification in the period from 1975 to 19 was formed. In the lapidarium, is located a monument dedicated to a sacrifice from the 2nd century, which is dedicated to Diana, the goddess of protection of animals and forests.

The park also includes the "Small House" which was built at the end of the 19th century and was transferred to the Archaeo-Ethno Park in Ravna from the village of Berčinovac and the "Big House" built on the model of the Kamenica village house from the 19th century.

Within the "Big House," there is an exhibition space that talks about the winemaking of this region. It contains equipment obtained for storage and preservation (vessels, measures, equipment for grape processing and wine preparation, wine library of literary wines, etc.) as well as photo documentation that tells about the long tradition of winemaking and viticulture.


Archaeo Park Ravna, Archaeological site Timacum Minus


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