Clock Tower Botevgrad

The Clock tower of Botevgrad is the symbol of the town and a part of 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria. Its clock mechanism still rings every hour with a respective number of bell rings based on the current hour. It was constructed in 1866.

The clock tower was built while Bulgaria was still under Ottoman rule by the master Vuno Markov from Vrachesh at the proposal of Midhat Pasha. The clock mechanism was made by the local ironmonger Gencho Nakov, and the bell by master Lazar Dimitrov from Bansko.

In its century-long history, the architectural monument has undergone many conservation and restoration efforts, as well as artistic activities to keep its original style and appearance. The stamp for this object is in the Botevgrad History Museum.

The original clock mechanism is made by Gencho Nakov “Kantardjiata” and is exhibited in the Botevgrad History Museum. The new one is made by masters of the Etar Architectural-Ethnographic Complex and still counts the hours by bell rings with bell ringing audible within a radius of 3 km.

It's a real treat to climb the stairs to the top of the tower where visitors can see the pendulum and mechanism up close, which have been working flawlessly for over a century.


Clock tower, possible to enter inside