Hydroelectric Power Plant “Temac”

The small hydroelectric power station "Temac" is located in the area of the village of Temska and the river Temštica, upstream from the 14th century monastery Saint George. It has been in operation since 1940, and until May 1990 it worked continuously without major overhauls since the beginning of production, when it stopped working due to uneconomical conditions and was preserved in working condition.

The exact time of the start of operation is related to two dates, the first is April 12, 1940, when the system was first tested and put into operation, and the second is August 5, 1940, when the hydroelectric power plant was officially licensed to operate.

Construction and technical characteristics:
Type of dam: The concrete threshold in the trough
Height: 5 m
Installed power: 0,78 MW
Turbines: Three Francis turbines, manufactured by J. M. Voith Heidenheim (1940, 1945, 1953)
Generators: Three generators of three-phase alternating current
•    400 kW, manufactured by Ganz (1940)
•    224 kW, manufactured by AEG (1945)
•    128 kW, manufactured by Siemens (1953)
           Installed flow rate: 4,65 cubic meters per second
            Possible annual production: 2,5 GWh


Hydropower plants still perform the function of electricity production


The hydroelectric power plants are visible from the outside, a tour of the inner part only with prior permission