Hydroelectric Power Plant “Vučje”

The small hydroelectric power plant Vučje is the second oldest hydroelectric power plant in Serbia, after Djetina. It’s located a few kilometers above the village of Vučje near Leskovac, and built in 1903 on the beautiful river Vučjanka. Since the power plant is 17 km away from Leskovac, the transmission line was built for the electrification of the town, the first in the Kingdom of Serbia. 

These are the first power stations built according to Tesla's principles of polyphase currents in Europe, and thanks to Djordje Stanojević, the progenitor of Serbia's electrification and Tesla's friend, who knew how to recognize all the best places in Serbia for hydroelectric plants, which are still performing their function. In 2005, the Vučje hydroelectric power plant was included in the world's industrial heritage, which at that time consisted of only about sixty buildings.

The hydroelectric power plant Vučje began operating on December 24, 1903, the day Leskovac was liberated from the Turks. Since then, it has been continuously producing electricity. 

Construction and technical characteristics:
Type of dam: Flowing 
Height: m
Installed power: 1 MW
•    2 Siemens-Halske hydro units (1903) – power:  139 kW each
•    1 hydraulic unit of the Swedish brand ASEA (1931) – power: 800 kW
           Installed flow rate: 20 cubic meters per second
            Possible annual production: 4 GWh


Hydropower plants still perform the function of electricity production


The hydroelectric power plants are visible from the outside, a tour of the inner part only with prior permission