Justiniana Prima

Justiniana Prima Archeological Site is located in the south of Serbia, 30 km southwest of Leskovac, in a valley stretching between the rivers Jablanica and Pusta Reka. Most researchers today consider this impressive early Byzantine city of Justinian Prima, the endowment of one of the largest Byzantine emperors — Justinian I (527-565). 

His Novel XI from 535 assigned a new city the role of the Archdiocese seat and the Praetorian prefecture of Ńorth Illyricum. Justiniana Prima lived for a very short time — 80 years. Built-in the 530s, it was demolished at the beginning of the 7th century — in the rush of Avars and Slavs. The towns, fortifications, and the whole system of Byzantine rule were demolished at that time.

Roman emperor Justinian I was also known as the creator of the Christian cathedral of Constantinople, today the Museum of Hagia Sofia in Istanbul. Empress' Town the second well-known name for this site comes from the legend of a waterless city ruled by an empress. There is a belief that Emperor Justinian I built and dedicated this magnificent early Christian city to his beautiful and ambitious wife, Empress Theodora.


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