Konaka museum

The Historical Museum Vidin, sometimes shortened to Konaka Museum is located in Vidin, Bulgaria. The museum, founded in 1956, is situated in a former Ottoman konak. After liberation, the building was reconstructed and enriched with elements from Bulgarian Renaissance architecture.

Sections in the museum are divided into Archaeology (departments prehistory, classical antiquity, and middle ages); Ethnography - located in the Cross barracks or Krastata Kazarma; Bulgarian lands in the 15th-19th centuries; Numismatics; Modern history; Recent history. 

The Antiquity section presents rich and varied collections of artifacts from the major Roman cities of Ratiaria, today's village of Archar,  Bononia - Vidin, and the Roman fortress Castra Martis today's town of Kula. The museum also holds a considerable number of stone sculptures - richly decorated Roman sarcophagi, tombstones, votive tablets, and statues, among them standing out is the famous marble statue Heracles Resting“ from the 2nd century, the village of Archar.


Lapidarium; Garden; Non-smoking area


Air conditioning, Wi-Fi, Permanent exhibitions