Museum of Ponišavlje Pirot

The Museum of Poinišavlje is located in the house of the Hristić family, which represents the best-preserved monument of traditional architecture from the mid-19th century in Pirot. With its beauty and architectural features, it exceeds the borders of Serbia and forms part of the cultural heritage of the Balkans.

To this day, it remains an enigma, who came up with the idea to build such a house - whether the owner Rista, traveling through the Turkish empire for his business, or the exceptional craftsmen who built it, weaving in it a combination of imagination and construction experience.

The house is entered from the porch in the hall on the ground floor, where are bedrooms on the left and right. Next to the hall, there is a stove and a fireplace, as well as storage rooms for flour and fuel. A wooden staircase leads to the upper floor, which leads to the spacious hall on the upper floor, which is divided into a central part with shelves and a fireplace, a men's room with a sofa bed, and a women's room.

The space on the first floor is dominated by Pirot Kilims in all the beauty of colors, patterns, and ornaments. Pirot Kilim is on the UNESCO tentative list for intangible heritage. Since 1953, the house has been under state protection, in 1979, has been declared a cultural monument of exceptional importance.


Permanent exhibitions, “The Carpet tale” - exhibition of Pirot Kilim (UNESCO tentative list), Souvenir shop


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