Textile Museum

The Textile Museum in Strojkovce is the only museum of this kind in Serbia. It is located in a watermill that was built in the second half of the 19th century. Concerning its size and living premises, it was owned by wealthy Turks. In 1884, the enterprising people of Leskovac opened the first braid factory in it, which is considered the beginning of the textile industry in Serbia. 

In 1959 the water mill was purchased from its former owners and restored. The building has preserved the specific beauty of the architecture, typical for the time it was built, and the interior is equipped with authentic furniture and objects from the everyday life of millers. The original objects which represent a braid-producing process were displayed in it. The Textile Museum in Strojkovce was declared a cultural property in 1980 - a cultural monument.    


Permanent exhibition of museum 


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